About Pioneer Sports & Ski School

Mr.Mateeullah khan (Founder and Chairperson)
  • Learnt skiing while undergoing ski and snow survival course in PAF
  • Remained instructor in the training wing of PAF base Kalabagh which conducts ski and snow survival, desert  survival, sea  survival  and Jungle survival  courses to the pilots of Pakistan Air force.
  • Remained PAF ski champion for five years,
  • Won the first gold medal by securing first position in the first event Slalom of the first national ski   championship
  • Remained national ski champion for three years
  • Was the first captain of Pakistan ski team which took part in the third Asian winter games in China 1994.
  • Coached national ski team
  • Trains the skiers thoroughly for the national ski championships
  • Encourages the local to do skiing.
  • Is the president KP ski association.
  • Was the elected member of the executive community of ski federation of Pakistan.
About Skiing in Pakistan

Skiing is a thrilling sport which makes the snow –cold thermosphere warm and makes one sweat on the snow .It is a game ,which does not cater for gender and age limit. A child at the age of five and a man at the age of fifty can easily learn and do skiing. Skiing was and is an effective means of communication in the snow bound areas. With the  help of skies one can easily slide/walk on the snow .With the help of dogs and horses load on the sledges is also shifted from one place to another .The skiing which gradually made progress and is being done in many styles and has developed as a winter spirit. Skiing provides sport cum enjoyment. PAF formed ski Federation of Pakistan to promote skiing in the country. A long with the SFP Pioneer Ski School is also working hard to promote Ski in Pakistan.

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